These are true testimonials of clients of Growth and Healing Wellness Center.
They have not been altered in any way. The names of clients have been removed to protect confidentiality.

Breaking Patterns

“Therapy has been very stabilizing as I learn new, healthy skills to replace old, negative and unhealthy patterns and symptoms.  My therapist creates an environment where I feel safe expressing and exploring my issues, experiences, family patterns, and current interpersonal situations.  Therapy has been a place I feel comfortable going to, especially on those days (and we all have them) when I just don’t want to go.”

~ A Trauma Survivor Breaking Self-Destructive Patterns

Stop Destructive Thoughts

“I am learning how to stop abusive, destructive thoughts and how to practice healthy self-love.  This means being ok just being with myself in my own skin, and listening inside to ALL my thoughts and feelings without judging or condemning myself. Doing this creates a sense of safety, wholeness, health.”

“Here is where my therapist shines.  She shows me how to recognize symptoms, understand the underlying reason for them, and helps me see that it is possible to release them by replacing them with healthy behaviors.  And she supports me through the entire process.”

~ Learning How to Stop Self Destructive Thoughts

Finding Peace

“I’ve been to other therapists, and feel this is much better. I accomplished so much more here. I really feel like I learned something and I’m getting somewhere. Plus, I feel relaxed. It’s very serene here––like a spa with the candles and soothing colors.”

~ A Woman Finding Peace

Inner Strength

“Therapy taught me many things about myself I didn’t know before or know I had the strength to do. I’ve learned a healthier way to deal with situations that have negatively impacted my life. And I now have the patience to help my children go through a difficult transition. I feel calmness and warmth whenever I come here.”

~ A Mom finding Her Inner Strength

Toxic People

“As a result of therapy at Growth and Healing Wellness Center I have implemented positive changes in my life. I am present and enjoying my life, have said good-bye to toxic people and now see the beauty in me.”

~ A Woman Letting Go of Toxic People In Her Life

Thank You

“Thank you for all you’ve helped me through. I really appreciate you in my life.”

~Getting the Right Help

Childhood Trauma

“The single most helpful thing I have learned in therapy is that when you change your mind you can change your life. Therapy has allowed me to see my strengths, release my destructive patterns and move past the childhood traumas that were haunting me.”

~  A Man learning To Let Go of Childhood Trauma

Learning to Communicate

“We got married young, had children and never learned how to be together as a couple. We began to get to know each other and it became fun. Before we knew it, our therapist told us we didn’t need her anymore and we agreed. We never thought we could have this kind of life. I will refer people to Growth and Healing Wellness Center whenever I see them struggling, because I want them to get the results we got. I still can’t believe it’s possible and it actually happened.”

A Couple Learning To Communicate For The First Time, In Years

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