Hi, I’m Margie.

Let me tell you this right now, the therapy process does not have to be difficult, it doesn’t haven’t to be “work”.


It doesn’t have to take a long time to see results. Results can happen in your first session and they often do.


Therapy with me is down to earth, fun and light because that’s how you should feel in everyday


Margie Mader

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, National Board Certified Hypnotherapist

I knew from a young age I wanted to become a therapist when I began learning about the mind and how healing it can help transform our lives.

But even from that young age, I knew I wanted to make deep transformations in people without causing additional pain.

Therapy with me is down to earth, fun and light because that’s how you should feel in everyday life!

By replicating that energy in the therapy room, we can help you experience it outside as well.

That’s why I started Growth and Healing Wellness Center, a holistic center where we combine focus on the body, mind and soul to create real transformations.

I love that I give people the opportunity to heal themselves, to see how beautiful and strong they are inside and enable them to use their innate wisdom to propel them forward.

My goal is to help you learn to cherish and honor yourself so you can flow naturally through life. I want you to realize that there’s hope–that nothing’s impossible–and that you can move from a place of scarcity to one of abundance.



I started on my journey to psychotherapy by getting my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Studies from Florida International University in 1994.


From there, I continued my education by obtaining a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from NOVA Southeastern University in 1996.


The training didn’t stop there though as I underwent a specialist training in trauma from 1999-2002, and then became a National Board Certified Hypnotherapist.


Through the Growth and Healing Wellness Center I have combined my training as well as 25 years of hands on experience to create a place where incredible transformations aren't rare, but expected.

When I’m not in the therapy room, I’m also conducting leadership training, and leading groups ranging from 10 to 350 people, on topics such as DID, eating disorders, PTSD/trauma, addictions, how to step into your greatness, and how to grow your business.

If you’re ready for change, then I’m here to help you on the journey.

~ Margie Mader LMFT, CHt


How to Get Started:

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    Give Me A Call to Get in Touch

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    We’ll have a free 10-15 min consultation

    where I can learn about your unique situation, answer any questions you may have, and see if we’re a great fit

  • 3

    Time to meet!

    I’ll invite you for your first session to get started on your path to wellbeing

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