A Peaceful Place

First, we provide a safe, welcoming space where you have room to rediscover your true self. Then, we use innovative therapies to delve to the core of issues so that you learn how to access your strengths and make empowered decisions.

And finally, our highly skilled psychotherapists take every opportunity to remind you how inherently strong and wise you are so that eventually you learn to live from your own heart’s center.

You can choose to stay stuck and suffer, or you can choose to enjoy life. Call today and schedule an appointment. Your future is up to you!

When life is spinning out of control, or even just mildly uncomfortable, sorting things out with an experienced therapist helps. At the Growth and Healing Wellness Center, our holistic approach to overcoming life’s stumbling blocks achieves remarkable results––in a very short time. That’s because we integrate all aspects of life––emotional, physical, and spiritual ––by pointing out the blind spots that prevent you from moving forward.

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Life Changing Results – Time Honored Healing

A Video Message from Margie Mader

Margie Mader is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a National Board-Certified Hypnotherapist and the Founder of the Growth and Healing Wellness Center.

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What Questions Do You Have About Psychotherapy?

Magnet for Divine Abundance

“I am a magnet for divine abundance in the form of joy, money, and laughter. I deserve more than enough of everything good.”

Everything Is Energy

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Nothing Wrong with You

“You don’t have to learn how to love yourself. You just have to remember there was nothing wrong with you to begin with. You just have to come home.”  ~ Nayyirah Waheed

The Universe Is Saying YES

The universe is saying YES to you today, “You’ve already prayed, and you’ve already cried, so don’t worry.  I heard you.  The answer is YES!   I’m saying YES to your dream, YES to your prayer and YES to your breakthrough. You have to keep going. I will see you through.”

Attract the Energy You Give Off

“You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.”

Best Things in Life Happen Unexpectedly

“The best things in life happen unexpectedly. The best stories begin with ‘and all of a sudden’…”

Focus on the Powerful

“Focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life, and the universe will keep giving them to you.”

Commitment to change

“Throw your hat over the fence. You don’t know how you’re going to get it, you just know you will. Sometimes, the call to action is exactly what we need, the journey to get there can be unknown. Commitment to change is the spark that starts it all.”  ~ Margie Mader


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.”  ~ Herman Hesse

Self Worth

“The moment you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away.” ~ Alysia Harris

Your Future Is Up To You!

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