Learn How to Undo The Pain of the Past and Embrace a Brighter Future

Therapy for Individuals and Couples in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


How did things get this way?

Sometimes we don’t even notice just how far down the spiral we go. But suddenly one bad day leads into another and we can’t remember what it was like to feel at peace.

It feels like you’re forcing your way through life, just trying to get by while pushing past the anxiety...the stress...maybe even the depression until you get to the end of the day.

But you know that living like this has gotten to be too much.

What happens when you remain in this state of struggle for too long? You get exhausted...exhausted with forcing yourself through life and not getting anything out.

The truth is though, life doesn’t have to be this hard. You can wake up each day ready to create it the way you want and move through life with ease.


Therapy can make that happen.

You may have heard that therapy takes forever, that you spend months just getting to know each other before diving into anything real.


That’s not how I work.


Right from the first session we cut through the BS and get to the core of how your life got this way, so we can get you feeling better quickly.


Once we heal the wounds underneath, I then help you grow and make happiness your default state. You feel deserving and look forward to each day.


Your life is worth living to the fullest, so let’s make it happen.


If you’re ready to transform the way you feel, then let’s get started!

Margie Mader, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, National Board Certified Hypnotherapist

Hi, I’m Margie.

Therapy with me isn’t hard or stressful, since that isn’t what you came here for.


I make it feel down to earth and down right easy, even though the transformations are incredible.


Every session you should leave feeling different than the way you came in, and with over 25+ years of experience, I’m confident I can help you hit your goals.


I know reaching out to a therapist can feel scary, but it can be the first step on your path to wellness, and I’d be honored to help you on your journey.


How to Get Started:

  • 1

    Give Me A Call to Get in Touch

  • 2

    We’ll have a free 10-15 min consultation

    where I can learn about your unique situation, answer any questions you may have, and see if we’re a great fit

  • 3

    Time to meet!

    I’ll invite you for your first session to get started on your path to wellbeing

If you’re ready to truly experience a new way of living, then let’s get started!

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