These are true testimonials of clients of Growth and Healing Wellness Center.
They have not been altered in any way. The names of clients have been removed to protect confidentiality.

Positive Change

I sought out Margie for relationship issues but quickly realized that my mind, body and spirit was disconnected thus affecting many of my relationships and my perceptions.  Margie was instrumental in helping me understand gender differences in my relationship, explore the truth and emotions behind my warped perceptions, stop reacting and become more proactive in my daily interactions.  However, it was her spiritual and ethereal knowledge that helped change my negative energies into pure white positive light energies.  I was blown away by the changes that began to happen in my life while using her strategies and techniques.  I will always be grateful for all the help I received from Margie.  For those looking for true change and willing to do the therapeutic work, Margie can help in any situation.

~ A Woman Finding Balance In Her Life

Back To My Purpose

Approximately two years ago, I lost my office space traumatically!  I came into the building with a client and the office was completely gutted.  My furniture, degrees, client files, CDs, books, carpeting – everything was gone!  I was devastated and stopped seeing clients as a result.  Although, I sought individual therapy for other issues, the help and loving care that I received from Margie was invaluable.  The numerous techniques that she used helped me become stronger.  She was candid, honest about the work that must be done to bring me to my true nature and sense of self.  She helped guide me back to my purpose of healing  and assisted me with building the confidence to restart my therapeutic practice.  She encouraged me to find an office space, helped me with marketing, goal setting and number of clients that I could comfortably see each week.  I will forever be indebted to her for her help.

~ A Therapist Finding Her Strength

Focus on Healthy Patterns

“So, what has changed is that I learned that I am not my symptoms or diagnoses, and that I have the right to make my own decisions, I have the right to speak, and I have the right and ability to create how I want to live.  By focusing on the healthy patterns I’m choosing, these grow and expand, and crowd out the old, destructive symptoms.”

~ A Man Realizing He is Not His Symptoms

Make Healthier Decisions

“Therapy has helped me learn to connect to myself. I am more aware of my behaviors and feel more in control of my life. I now am able to set boundaries, am learning to say ‘no’, and have stopped putting myself in unhealthy situations. I also feel much more grounded and am able to make healthier decisions.”

~A Man Finding Healthy Control in His Life

Use Spirituality to Heal Pain

“Most important to me, is that she ALWAYS shows deep respect and support for my religion and spirituality.  She has made it clear that she considers my love for God as one of my greatest assets in recovery, and has never in any way tried to undermine that relationship.

Over the last almost 4 years, we have done amazing work together, and I have reached a level of health I never thought possible.  You owe it to yourself to accept the challenge to find out who you really are underneath all your symptoms.  My Wellness Center therapist is a genius at helping people do just that.”

~ A Woman Uses Spirituality To Heal Pain

More Than Just Venting

“Prior to finding the Growth and Healing Wellness Center I tried two different therapists. Both were kind and listened but that was where it ended. I sort of felt that I was just paying someone to listen to me vent. At the Growth and Healing Wellness Center, I gained insight into who I am and what my strengths are. It’s more than just ‘venting’ past and present problems.”

~Finding the RIGHT Therapist

See your Healthy Self

“She has always seen the healthy me, and she focuses on that, even when I haven’t been able to.  I truly believe she sees in me the person I would have been without the abuse.  And she teaches me to see her, too.  She has always treated me with dignity and respect, even when I didn’t feel I deserved it.  She is ALWAYS professional, and yet very warm and personable, willing to share of herself, never stand-offish.”

~ A Man Finds a Therapist Who Helps Him See His Healthy Self

Hope After PTSD

“I am an incest survivor, which led me into a teenage marriage full of violence and abuse that lasted over 14 years.  I had been diagnosed with clinical depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), D.I.D. and then Bi-polar disorder.  Various doctors placed this ‘alphabet soup’ of diagnoses on me, making me feel more and more damaged and hopeless. Amazingly, my therapist at the Center never saw me as damaged or hopeless.  No matter which symptoms I was displaying at any given time, she never seemed overwhelmed or exasperated.  She just patiently mirrored the “healthy” me, and it slowly began to sink in.  I began to see that these diagnoses didn’t define me, and they have evaporated.”

~ From PTSD to Hope and Freedom

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