Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

in Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Trauma can come in many forms. Trauma is an event that shook you to your core and still is affecting your life.


It could be a car accident, a difficult move, surgery you went through, going through a court case, getting fired, ending a relationship, losing a friend, verbal/physical/sexual/spiritual abuse, or the loss of a child, among many others things.


The causes may be different, but the effects are debilitating.


You feel like you can’t focus on anything. You're lost without purpose. Despite being around people, you feel alone in your own personal hell.

The day seems to be fine

...but suddenly you’re crying in the bathroom. You have these outbursts of anger that you can’t seem to control, and that’s just on the emotional side...


Your body seems to be hurting too. Your digestion is awful, and that might be manageable but on top of that you also can’t sleep. And even when you do, you keep having nightmares.


You experience body memories, startled're hypersensitive to the world.


You may think you’re going crazy, but you aren’t.


If you’re on this page it’s because you recognize that change is possible, that you can experience life differently.


Therapy can help make that happen.

The truth is though, just talking about trauma doesn’t alleviate it. You need proven techniques to help get rid of the pain.


Trauma is like an open wound, and when another person touches that wound we start to hemorrhage. It reignites the pain just like the first time, and it becomes an endless cycle of reopening the wound until it feels like you just can’t keep it in anymore.


We use techniques to go directly in and heal the wound, seal it shut so it’s no longer sensitive to the world. So it can’t hurt in the same way again

The end result?

We don’t stop there though. Now we help you learn how to have a healthy life. We increase your happiness threshold, show you how to have pleasure, how to feel comfortable and enjoy life without feeling guilt. It’s maybe been so long you’ve forgotten how to simply enjoy the day...but I can show you how again.


You reclaim your peace, your physical symptoms empty out, and you get back in control of your life.


Not just getting through the day...but thriving. Creating your life and taking full delivery of the greatness you create.


WIth 25+ years of experience working with trauma, I know how to help you heal through this pain and get results quickly. Using a holistic approach, I combine the body, mind and spirit to get to the root core of what you’re going through.


I’d be honored to help you on your journey to wellness.

Call me at (954) 876-8001 or click the button below and let’s get you on the right path to wellness.

Margie Mader, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, National Board Certified Hypnotherapist

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