Back To My Purpose

Approximately two years ago, I lost my office space traumatically!  I came into the building with a client and the office was completely gutted.  My furniture, degrees, client files, CDs, books, carpeting – everything was gone!  I was devastated and stopped seeing clients as a result.  Although, I sought individual therapy for other issues, the help and loving care that I received from Margie was invaluable.  The numerous techniques that she used helped me become stronger.  She was candid, honest about the work that must be done to bring me to my true nature and sense of self.  She helped guide me back to my purpose of healing  and assisted me with building the confidence to restart my therapeutic practice.  She encouraged me to find an office space, helped me with marketing, goal setting and number of clients that I could comfortably see each week.  I will forever be indebted to her for her help.

~ A Therapist Finding Her Strength

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