These are true testimonials of clients of Growth and Healing Wellness Center.
They have not been altered in any way. The names of clients have been removed to protect confidentiality.

Child Finding Confidence

“My daughter was only three years old when I started to see some things about her behavior that worried me: her extreme shyness and difficulty making friends. Now, some people may think that’s normal but I didn’t. You suggested I bring her in for an evaluation to calm my fears. She worked with one of the therapists, and I began to see changes immediately. She actually said to me, ‘I’m a confident girl, and so are you Mommy.’ I almost started to cry. Who knew through play, she was actually learning new coping skills. Thanks for helping my daughter change the course of her life in just a few sessions. I am so grateful.”

~A Withdrawn, Extremely Shy Child Finding Her Way

Agoraphobia Gone!

“After just two sessions, I’m so happy to be able to tell you that my anxiety has lessened.  For the first time in months and months I didn’t feel anxious going to a store the other day. I actually joked with a friend that I was nervous because I wasn’t feeling anxious…lol! The therapy is really helping! Thank you very much for your skillful and caring help!”

~Man Decreasing His Anxiety After 2 Sessions – Agoraphobia Gone!

Feeling Safe

“When I step into the office, I feel like I’m in a comfortable, safe place.”

~Feeling Safe For The First Time

Starting to Believe in Myself

“As a result of our sessions, I feel like I got myself back and therefore I can set boundaries and make decisions without always second guessing myself. I am starting to believe in myself.”

~Young Woman Searching For Autonomy

Finding Acceptance

“When I was looking for a therapist, it was really important that I felt at ease and accepted, and that there was compatibility and trust.  That’s a tall order to fill when you’re feeling tremendous pain and fear, and you don’t trust anyone, including yourself.  I’ve known my therapist since October 2000. From day one, she had the unique capacity to create a calm, stabilizing atmosphere, in either private session or in groups.  I have always found her to be very kind, patient, non-judgmental and professional.”

~ A Woman Finding Acceptance

On The Brink of Divorce

“By the time my husband and I came into the Growth and Healing Wellness Center we were definitely on the brink of divorce. I felt so disconnected from him––like I’ve been living my own separate life for years. We tried everything and this was my last hope. Our therapist began to teach us how to listen to each other and change our expectations. I think I actually began to fall in love with my husband––maybe for the first time. ”

~ A Couple On The Brink of Divorce, Saving Their Marriage

Learn to Trust Yourself

“Being an incest and trauma survivor, I’ve had so many things taken from me.  Therapy is helping me reclaim all that belongs to me, to stand up and appropriately ask for what I need, to create a healthy family of choice, and be able to do something as simple as just look in the mirror and love who and what I see there.  I’m learning to value myself, and see the gifts and talents I have to contribute.  Therapy is teaching me that it is ok that I survived, and that there is so much more to me than just being an abuse survivor.   I’m learning to re-create myself by exploring myself, my likes and dislikes, to make my own choices and mistakes, to have a voice, and to trust – not only others, but myself, first and foremost.  I’m learning to trust my gut, my instinct, my system, whatever you want to call it, and just be comfortable and at peace – AT HOME—in my own skin, heart and mind.”

~ An Incest Survivor Learning to Trust Herself

Feeling Heard and Understood

“You are a great listener and you ask the right questions so as not to offend but rather to stimulate thought and answers to difficult questions.  You seem to be nonjudgmental, which is good as we are often our own worst critics and would hate to believe that someone else thinks the same or worst.  You’ve always offered a positive outlook on everything and been very encouraging.”

~ A young man finally feeling heard and understood.

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