Learn to Trust Yourself

“Being an incest and trauma survivor, I’ve had so many things taken from me.  Therapy is helping me reclaim all that belongs to me, to stand up and appropriately ask for what I need, to create a healthy family of choice, and be able to do something as simple as just look in the mirror and love who and what I see there.  I’m learning to value myself, and see the gifts and talents I have to contribute.  Therapy is teaching me that it is ok that I survived, and that there is so much more to me than just being an abuse survivor.   I’m learning to re-create myself by exploring myself, my likes and dislikes, to make my own choices and mistakes, to have a voice, and to trust – not only others, but myself, first and foremost.  I’m learning to trust my gut, my instinct, my system, whatever you want to call it, and just be comfortable and at peace – AT HOME—in my own skin, heart and mind.”

~ An Incest Survivor Learning to Trust Herself

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