Divorce, you don’t SCARE me!!!

My mom and dad are divorced. When they got a divorce I was extremely sad. Soon, a lot of things would start to change. My Dad would move into his own house, we all wouldn’t spend time together like we used to do. I used to cry every day after school because I would start to worry about all the changes that would be made.

One day at school I told my friends about it and they understood exactly what I was going through. One of my friends named Jessie told me that her parents recently got a divorce and she was very sad and angry. She said she was mad at her parents because they would always fight in front of her. Jessie said she got through it because everyday she would write in her journal about it to get it off her chest. She also talked to her aunt Shelly about the issues she had. “It will be alright, you will get through it,” she whispered quietly in my ear at recess.

After I talked to Jessie I realized that the divorce won’t be as bad as I thought. I would say to other kids going through a separation or divorce that I know it is scary at first but you will always be okay no matter what happens.


Age 11

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