Letting Go

I recently read a quote that resonated with me and had me thinking about some things that I wanted to happen in my life.  The quote read, “Sometimes you have to let things go, so there’s room for better things to come into your life…”  It brought to mind a story that the famous comedian, actor, TV Host and bestselling author, Steve Harvey told about wanting a new car.  He kept telling his mother, a Sunday school teacher, about this new car that he wanted so badly and she would just humor him.  One day he questioned her about her humoring him and his desire for this new car and she asked him where he was going to put this new car.  You see the spot where he was going to put the car was currently being occupied by an old rusted car sitting on bricks.  She told him he had to make room for the new car before God would bless him with it.

Just like Mr. Harvey, sometimes we hold on to things (material things, emotional things and maybe someone) longer than we need to.  All of those old things and hurt feelings just take up unnecessary space in our lives leaving little or no room for all of the new and wonderful things that are waiting for us.  So if you’ve been holding on to some old ‘stuff’, make space.  There are great things waiting to take their place in your life.


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