Liking My Body!

Hi, I’m an 11 year girl and there have been times when I didn’t like my body. I’m really tall and I’m about to go to 6th grade. I’m much taller than most kids my age. Even though people tell me, “You’re so skinny and tall. You look like a model.” I don’t think so. One day I was surfing the channels on TV, and I came across a show where they talked about body image. I then started to think to myself, maybe I’m not alone. Other girls, and probably boys, feel the same way I do – like they are different or don’t belong in some way. It’s funny, because I thought I was the only one.

I started to tell myself that being tall may actually not be so bad. Everyone feels self conscious about something. I looked for the positive things about being tall such as getting to go on more rides on Disney. I also started to believe people that said I looked beautiful. I looked at tall models and thought to myself, “If they look good maybe I kinda look good too.” I found other kids that looked like me, were as tall I me, and felt I wasn’t alone.

Now I love how I look. I stand tall and walk straight – no more hunching over for me. I would tell kids who worry about the way they look, or that they’re different, you’re not alone. Find something about yourself you like and focus on that. It’s a good place to start…


Age 11

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