How We Help

Accessing the Power Within…

People are inherently strong and courageous. As therapists, our primary job is to help you identify the obstacles you face so you can meet them head-on.

Once that is accomplished, we help you draw on your inner strengths to overcome these challenges. By empowering you to reconnect with yourself, fear and doubt are replaced by confidence, self-assurance and excitement about your future. As a result, life becomes more fun and easier to manage.

Life-Changing Results

People’s perception of therapy is spending hours “on the couch” rehashing their childhood. While “talk” therapy has merit, we’re more in tune with the mind-body connection and focusing on the present, honoring how you got here but not getting lost in your symptoms or story. We’re here to guide you from point A to point B by the most direct route, with the fewest bumps and detours.

Since our clients range from individuals and couples to children and families, we offer a spectrum of therapy styles from art and visualization to role playing, hypnotherapy, inner child work, and breathwork. We also specialize in abuse and trauma release work. These therapies and many others help us ensure we provide the most effective approach for each individual and situation.

We recognize the important role physical health plays in strong mental health. That’s why we offer an alternative to traditional Western practices. By treating the cause, rather than the symptoms we help create a gateway to wellness for many of today’s common complaints.

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