Teens Corner

Me and My Eating Disorder

I have been under my eating disorder’s spell for 4 years. I knew what I was doing was unhealthy, I was barely functioning as a human being. I started my recovery journey in the beginning of this year, fearful as ever. I deserve to live my life no longer being in fear.

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High School Anxiety

In two days I’m starting high school, I’m very anxious about school starting. I’m worried if I’m going to have any classes with my friends and be able to sit with them at lunch. I am also worried about getting to my class on time and learning my way around the big...

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Liking My Body!

Hi, I’m an 11 year girl and there have been times when I didn’t like my body. I’m really tall and I’m about to go to 6th grade. I’m much taller than most kids my age. Even though people tell me, “You’re so skinny and tall. You look like a model.” I don’t think so. One...

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