Social Skills Training

Often time, adolescents and adults may feel “a bit off” when engaged in social interactions. As social creatures, this can create a large level of distress for the individual; research has shown that one of the largest predictors for later mental health issues is related to early social rejection. Typically, people are met with the sole advice of “just get out there,” without the consideration of what needs to be done to help increase social relatedness.

We provide a wide range of social skills training in both individual and group formats in order to help provide you or your child with the tools to succeed in social interactions. Your individual needs are assessed and a treatment plan is developed to help address your unique strengths and weaknesses. Common areas that can be directly addressed with practical interventions include the use of nonverbal communication (e.g. eye contact, body posture), initiating conversation, making friendships, appropriate use of humor, sportsmanship/competitiveness, and handling bullying/negative peer interactions.

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