Children’s Behavioral and Emotional Issues

In some respects, children are like little adults. They have the same emotions and often struggle with how to cope with them. If your child is acting out and/or is unable to appropriately express his or her feelings, we can help.

Using traditional behavioral therapy as well as art and play therapies, we help children identify what may be troubling them and show them how to convey needs and desires in healthy ways.

By teaching children various coping skills, we not only help them survive in today’s complex world, but truly thrive. And since children are affected by family dynamics, we also work with parents and siblings to address whatever issues arise.

At the Growth and Healing Wellness Center, our goal is to motivate each child by using strategies and positive reinforcement techniques that speak specifically to him or her, making sessions both enjoyable and productive. This kind of self-healing empowers children and leads to happier, healthier relationships and a brighter future.

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