Abuse and Trauma

When one is violated emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually or spiritually, boundaries are broken. It’s easy to lose hope and feel isolated––and alone. Many doubt their sanity, or whether it actually was as bad as they recall. They don’t feel like themselves and feel like something is off. Many have contemplated or attempted suicide. That is definitely not the answer.

It’s easy to feel broken when you have been through any type of abuse or trauma, but you are not. Your pieces just may not feel connected at the moment. What happened is NOT your fault. You are not alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Not only can you heal, but you can learn how to feel whole and complete.

Our highly trained therapists have many years of experience in working with trauma. They can help guide you to reconnect with yourself, your strength and your power.

It’s amazing how we all have the capacity to grow and heal, when we give ourselves permission. Allow us to support you through these traumas, whether they happened years ago or recently. It’s never too late to reclaim your life.

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